"Chicago Swingers” explores the world of Chicago swing dance--the people it attracts and why. While looking at the history of swing music in Chicago, it also discovers the personal stories of the swing dancers. The film features the Green Mill and Gerry Mulligan tunes performed by the Mulligan Mosaics. Producer: Ashley Simone. Directeor Etta Worthington. Director of Photography: Michelle Kaffko.

10 minutes

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50 at 50

When she turned 50, Etta Worthington decided to do 50 new things in her 50th year. From jet skiing, to playing a harp, to selling peanuts at the ball park, this documentary traces that year and explores facing change and fear. Directed by Etta Worthington.

60 minutes   Completed in 2012

See the premiere of this documentary at Illinois International Film Festival, Saturday, December 1, at 9 AM